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Power of Prayer/Need for Leaders

Prayerful Beginnings: Our Foundation of Faith 🙏

Our hope is that all work here is built on prayer. This month, we have been praying in three different prayer groups - Reach Chiangmai, Revival in Chiangmai, and at Kingdom Kids (the children's group home). We are continually reminded of the importance of waiting on the Lord and allowing Him to open doors in His perfect timing. Please continue to join us in prayer as we seek direction and wisdom in our work.

Evangelism & Community Impact: Angie's Story 🌟

Angie invited a young man from Myanmar to our church community. The impact on him was amazing, just showing how a small act of love can bring hopeful change to someone's life. We drove him in on the first Sunday and then he drove his motorcycle the following Sunday. He says he loves the fellowship and plans to keep coming. Please pray for Sam.

Community Health Evangelism: Empowering Communities 💪

Our team has been training in Community Health Evangelism (CHE), a holistic approach to community development that integrates physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. This strategy empowers communities to address their needs by working together, while spreading the Gospel and nurturing a vibrant faith in the process. Please join as we pray and plan to survey looking for an invitation into a village or community.

Expanding the Reach: Gospel Outreach & Sports Events 🚀

Reach Chiangmai's street and market evangelism efforts, in partnership with Thai Christians, have led to multiple Bible study groups. RCM is gearing up to take the Gospel to over 100,000 students through school visits, fun gospel literature distribution, and exciting sports events for the kids. Please pray for this massive outreach and for the followup to families in the events and home visits.

Lahu Village Church: Celebrating New Believers 🎉

We are thrilled that on the April visit to the Lahu village church plant (last visit was Feb 2022) we found that 29 more souls had been baptized into this fellowship. They are actually considering whether they are ready to plant another church. Please pray for more leaders to be trained in sufficient number to serve and nurture the new babes in Christ to maturity. Praise God!

Children's Group Home: Serving Those in Need ❤️

On future visits to nearby villages, we pray to identify and serve those in greatest need. Eventually we pray to employ CHE strategies that we have been studying as our Lord leads. Our prayer is to see communities believe in Jesus, start churches, and multiply outward using these same strategies to sow the gospel.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. Together, we seek to make Jesus known as the "Way" to make an everlasting difference in the lives of individuals and communities. He brings real hope and regeneration through His gospel message.
Tom - Family and Ministry