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It Begins Here, With me

  I remember my first trip to China. It was there that I discovered places in the world that exist where people have no access to the gospel. Where people lived, that had never even heard the name of Jesus.
  Afterward, in my heart, I always carried a burden. How could I, who lived in a country where people could access the gospel almost anytime, stay there? How could we stay in a country so saturated with light when there were places in the world that were so utterly dark?
  God met every challenge for us to go to unreached Asia. So, we sold the vehicles, the house of our dreams, all the stuff we had accumulated over 20 years of marriage, and also sold our business. We walked out on the American dream knowing only one thing: If we dare hold a candle to the darkness, someone lost in the dark would be able to see the Light.
  We arrived on the other side of the world, went through homesickness, culture shock, and the grief of losing all we had known. We were confused and fascinated. And God drew the people to us.
  We discovered that the people there were like sheep without a Shepherd. They looked at our family, wanting to help us in our need. We have gained mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters in Asia. We have worked hard at learning languages, making friends, and spreading the gospel.
  People have come to know Jesus, and we have rejoiced with them. Much was lost, yet more gained. God is always faithful and true to His word.
  The people we minister to teach us much and rescue us often. God has also taught us much on this journey, and we take all the wisdom He has given us and use it to continue God's work through us to bring the gospel to the unreached of Asia.
Tom - Family and Ministry